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Purchase Parking Convenience Sticker (PCS) Monthly Parking Permits and Cash Keys

Parking Convenience Stickers (Monthly Permits)
This permit, when properly displayed on the vehicle will authorize that vehicle to park in the district(s) for which it is issued without payment of hourly fees. How do I properly display my permit?

Vehicles with PCS permits may park in the following spaces:
1. Any space controlled by signs indicating 'PCS PERMIT PARKING ONLY."

2. Any long term parking meter (long term meter is light silver in color and has a duration of nine hours or more) except Carpool areas before 9:30 AM.

3. In facilities controlled by Central Pay Stations (Master Meters), at any non-restricted space, i.e. spaces not designated by signs as a short term spaces of less than nine hours, Carpool or other reserved parking.

4. After 9:30 AM, the permit may be used at spaces designated by signs as Carpool spaces. These signs read "Carpool Permit Parking Only 6 AM thru 9:30 AM Mon. thru Fri." Parking in a Carpool space before 9:30 AM could result in a Parking Violation Notice and/or having the vehicle towed at the owner's expense.

5. The permit does not allow parking within any cashier operated facility. Parking in cashier garages requires payment of parking fees upon exit.

PCS Parking Permits (Monthly)

PCS metered permits allow long-term, parking at County metered parking garage, lot facilities, on-street parking spaces, or PCS reserved areas. PCS metered Permits are purchased good for one calendar month. Not to be used at any Cashier parking facility.

For pricing and other details, click here.

Cash Keys

Welcome to the Montgomery County MD, CashKey Incremental Meter Payment System. Now that the County has replaced most of the older mechanical meters with new, electronic meters, we are introducing a new, convenient, method to pay metered parking fees.

How does the new meter operate?

These meters accept nickels, dimes and quarters and digitally display the purchased time. The hourly rate is shown on the rate plate inside each meter housing. Please remember that these meters only register payments up to the time permitted. They accept the CashKey payments as described below.

How does a CashKey work?

CashKeys are programmed with whatever value the buyer desires, in $10 increments, with a $1O minimum. When you first insert the CashKey, the meter displays the value remaining on the key. The meter cannot display decimals and displays the value rounded down to the nearest whole dollar. Each time you insert the key and then withdraw it, the appropriate value is deducted from the key and the time purchased is added to the meter.

For your convenience, the County has programmed the meters to operate as follows:

a) Short Term Meters (maximum duration of three hours or less) - Each insertion will deduct the hourly rate, as shown on the meter, from the value of the key and add one hour of paid time to the meter.

b) Long Term Meters (maximum duration of more than three hours) - Each insertion will deduct 3 hours of value from the key and add 3 hours of paid time to the meter.

To register additional time on the meter, re-insert and remove the CashKey. The meter cannot credit more time shown on the rate plate inside the meter housing. Excessive insertions will result in unwanted reduction of key value.

The CashKey does not need to be removed completely before reinsertion, so be careful to avoid unintentional waste of key value.

When the desired amount of time has been registered, remove the CashKey from the meter and take it with you. Again, be careful. The meter cannot register more than the maximum time allowed, but it will continue to deduct value from your key each time you insert it into the meter.

If the CashKey is left inserted for more than five seconds, the meter will go into an out-of-order mode until the CashKey is removed. This feature will alert you if you inadvertently leave the CashKey in the meter.

*Please note: If the CashKey is inserted into a meter that has time left, it will not display the remaining value on the key first, but will immediately deduct the value.

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