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About Us

Fenton Village is a diverse, eclectic neighborhood adjacent to downtown Silver Spring. This 6×2 block is home to 200+ small independent businesses that includes more than 40 restaurants, spas, markets, yoga studios and much more.

Taste the World

Fenton Village is a block away from the core of downtown. Its boundaries are approximately Georgia Avenue to the West; Fenton Street to the East; Wayne Avenue to the North; and East/West Hwy and the railroad tracks to the South.

Walking to Fenton Village is easy for the many residents that live in the adjacent single-family neighborhoods and the many multi-family communities throughout downtown. It is equally accessible to the many businesses throughout the rest of downtown and the Takoma Park / Silver Spring campus of the Montgomery County College.

Many buses provide transit access to and through Fenton Village. The WMATA Red Line is only three blocks away. And the future Purple Line will have a station in Fenton Village, at the Silver Spring Library.

Parking in the area abounds. There is one parking garage in the middle of Fenton Village, and three other garages within easy walking distance. On-street parking is also plentiful.

Fenton Village has something for everyone. It is a place to bring family and friends, connect with local businesses, and enjoy a truly unique experience.