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Creative Colony

Category:  Community Support


8121 Georgia Ave
Suite 600
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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(240) 485-5844


Creative Colony is a coworking space for creative professionals, run by creative professionals. We foster a collaborative community where people can grow their businesses independently, but not alone. 

Locally Owned and Operated

The coworking movement is picking up steam and fast, with many major franchises and chains opening spaces all across the country and globe. But Creative Colony isn't a big chain or franchise. It's a coworking space that is owned and operated by a small, local design firm, SW Creatives

As the firm was poised to graduate from a county incubator, the owner, Shala Graham, began searching for office space when she stumbled upon coworking. The concept was wonderful! As a design firm owner with a decade of experience, Shala understood the challenges of running business from home, developing a team, and building an arsenal of creative tools and resources. With a mission to serve those who are serving others, starting a coworking space where SW Creatives could share their space and resources with fellow entrepreneurs was a great way to really live out the mission. We'd love to serve you as well. 

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