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Town Square Garage (Garage 61)

Category:  Parking Garages

975 spaces available now

updated: 9:12am Sat Jan 22


801 Ellsworth Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Entrances: Ellsworth Avenue & Roeder Road
Type: Pay On-Foot System (POF) -
Hours Requiring Payment: Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm

The parking rate is only applied until 7 PM but the gates will be raised at 9 PM (2 additional hours) so that customers who parked prior to 7 PM can still make their payments.

Free Evenings, Weekends, and County Holidays
Rates: $1.00 per hour (For Hours Parked)

Patrons using Handicap Parking in this facility are required to pay the hourly rate.
Operation Duration (Hours) # of Spaces

POF Space 11 Hour Spaces     1,241
Handicap                                           24
Garage 61 Totals                         1,265

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