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Silver Spring Regional Center

Category:  Public Buildings and Community Services


One Veterans Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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The Silver Spring Regional Center connects Montgomery County and community members, businesses, institutions, non-profits, visitors, and all interests in Silver Spring.

Our mission is to

  • Strengthen communication between the community and various agencies of County Government
  • Coordinate necessary interagency action with respect to each local area
  • and recommend programs and policies tailored to the local community

The Silver Spring Regional Center represents Montgomery County in the Silver Spring Region by providing effective, timely liaison between the County and its residents and businesses and by working with individuals, community groups, the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board, and other public agencies to provide information, identify and assess regional problems and issues, manage site selections for public facilities, and bring community perspective to major policy issues.  The Regional Center coordinates the efforts of various County agencies in dealing with regional issues.

The Silver Spring Regional Center manages complex redevelopment efforts in downtown Silver Spring and  in the Montgomery Hills and Long Branch communities.  The Silver Spring Regional Center helps to promote a sense of community through the sponsorship of and participation  in special community events.  The Regional Center manages the Silver Spring Urban District which provides clean and safe services in downtown Silver Spring and promotes the economic growth through marketing and special events.  The Regional Center also administers incentives through the Silver Spring Enterprise Zone, the Silver Spring Arts and Entertainment District, and the Green Tape Zone.


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