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Action Youth Media: Free Art and Film Classes + SSL Hours!

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Unlock your creativity while making a difference! Join our free media and art classes tailored for teens eligible to receive SSL hours. Gain valuable work experience, learn from skilled industry professionals, and create impactful projects advocating for social justice issues. It's your chance to express yourself artistically while earning valuable SSL hours. Don't miss out—register now and be part of the change!

About Us: Action Youth Media provides free after-school and summer media content classes for teenagers in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Established in 2008, these classes are centered around amplifying the voices of youth. In addition to our classes, we organize various arts outreach events that showcase the talents of our gifted students.

Location: Downtown Silver Spring, MD
When: Start dates, days and times vary.
Ages: Middle and high school students

Classes Offered for April and May:
Future Filmmakers
Screenwriters Workshop
Be an Influencer: Film a PSA
Explore Islamic Geometric Patterns

Program Objectives:
Skill Development
Hands-On Experience
Portfolio Enhancement
Confidence Building
Media Literacy
Film Screenings