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AVID Media Composer Fundamentals, 2 days

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Tuesday, November 28 and Wednesday, November 29, 6:00pm to 9:30pm


Docs In Progress is now an Avid Academic Partner.

This introductory class is for students with some knowledge of non-linear editing systems and will provide foundational skills needed to start working with Avid Media Composer. You will learn:

Navigating the User Interface: Get comfortable with the interface's layout and functionality. Project Initialization: Learn how to set up projects effectively. Media Management: Learn to efficiently import and organize your media resources. Audio: Explore the intricacies of audio editing. Effects and Transitions (Basics): Explore effects and transitions. Titling and Graphics (Basics): Get started with basic titling and graphics. Color Correction (Basics): Learn the basics of color correction. Exporting and Delivery: Learn how to export and deliver your projects. Optimal Workflow Practices: Streamline your workflow with best practices. Keyboard Shortcuts: Learn the efficiency of keyboard shortcuts.


No experience with Avid Media Composer is necessary.
A working knowledge of Macintosh operating systems.
A background or experience in editing, production, or post-production is recommended.