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Kaki King’s SEI

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The Rolling Stone has called Kaki King “a genre unto herself”. With a star-studded career that has spanned two decades, Kaki King continues to live at the forefront of guitarists and performance-makers.

In Kaki King’s SEI, (which means “six” in Italian), guitar movement and dance take over the stage. In this performance, the guitarists (Kaki King and Tamar Eisenman) become dancers, coordinating their whole bodies to perform the rigors of the choreography. Multiple guitars on stands are spaced out strategically in a design that allows music and movement to be created between the guitarists. SEI is a performance combination that proves as hypnotic as it is unexpected – a show for all lovers of dance, theater, and especially the guitar.

“Calling Kaki King a guitarist does her a disservice. The post-rock composer and musician is a consummate performance artist who does things to her instrument most self-identified guitarists could never even imagine, much less replicate.” – Washington City Paper