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Montgomery College Planetarium

Category:  Public Buildings and Community Services


7651 Fenton St
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Directions to the planetarium. Astronomy is the oldest science and one of the few sciences that welcomes amateurs. Everyone who looks up at the stars with wonder is an astronomer. The planetarium is open from the last full week in August (Monday, August 20, 2007) until the Friday before Memorial day in May. This is an academic institution so there are a few holidays like Thanksgiving and around Christmas and new year's day when the entire institution is closed. All evening planetarium programs include a star party after the show, if it is clear.  Star party means we look at the sky with telescopes.  We have a 10 inch (2540mm) Meade LX200-GPS-SMT, a 3 1/2  inch (88.9mm) Questar, and a 4 1/8 inch (105mm) Edmund Astroscan telescopes that we bring outside the planetarium when clear.  Bring your telescope to the star party, and we can have even more fun sharing, the more the merrier. 

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