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Neo Indigenous

Categories:  Public Art in Silver Spring Public Art


8407 Ramsey Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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Neo Indigenous, 2018

Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez


Created by New York graffiti artist and Mexican native Marka27, the mural was commissioned by owner Ivan Iricanin.  The mural was inspired by Mexican culture, from the hand painted signs in street markets to the wildlife.  Completed in two days, the artist paid homage to his favorite Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera and his style of traditional Mexican folk art.



The artist, Marka27 is as an artist with a rich history in graffiti, street culture, and design. He believes that art and design are creative expressions wholly powerful, impactful, and progressive if guided by genuine purpose. The "purpose" is what's most important and that's to engage with an audience in order to achieve a dialogue. 

“My passion comes from the streets, not merely studying it but living it as well. It's a way of life. Creating murals, paintings, product design and graphics reflect my purpose for engaging an audience in a dialogue on cultural authenticity driven by self-expression.”


Marka 27 wanted the large outdoor mural to feel authentic to his heritage as a Mexican artist but he added his own twist to this mural with modern geometry on the native figure. The flowers represent the humble oil table cloths you see in street markets all over Mexico City. The colors are consistent with most of his mural work, which are vibrant and rich. 


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