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Off Eastern Ave at Kennett St Garage
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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“Cousins” public art project is conceived to echo the highest aspects of the Silver Spring community, combining an elegant, Eastern-inspired visual language with sayings from wisdom masters from a variety of ethnicities, religions, geographic regions and time periods. Fusing words representing the highest aspirations of humankind (taken from great humanists such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, the Buddha, etc.) with specially created paintings, Cousins is on 15 large, 8’ x 4.5’ art and text panels along the Kennett Street Art Wall, transforming the alley space into a huge art gallery, available to local denizens everyday. The panels provide quiet, surprising moments to be discovered (for free!) by people from all cultures while going through the motions of their normal day. This project would use South Silver Spring’s diversity as an asset by emphasizing not only the different cultures in the community, but also how they positively interrelate. 

Artist: Tom Block

Commissioned by the Montgomery County Public Arts Trust with support from the Silver Spring Urban District.

Cousins is located on the drive from the Kennett Street Garage to Eastern Avenue.

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