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Live Music @ Quarry House

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Thursday, May 5th: *FREE* Bluegrass Night with Hollertown
Tuesday, May 7th: Julia Blair, Cecil & Delilah, Austin Blanton
Wednesday, May 11th:The Sloppy Boys, Dear Blanca
Saturday, May 14th: Savak, Upper Wilds, Bed Maker
Tuesday, May 17th: Calliope Musicals
Thursday, May 26th: Joe Kaplow, Near Northeast, Cinema Hearts
Saturday, May 28th: The Punk Cellist, Weird Babies, Interstate Rivals
Saturday, June 4th: Dead Billionaires, Two Thumbs Down, Fix Your Hearts
Thursday, June 23rd: Innerlove, The Big Easy
Monday, June 27th: Talker, Lady Pills